JAVARA and its founder Helianti Hilman has been profiled in various leading media in Indonesia and overseas, including TVRI, Bloomberg Indonesia TV, The Indonesian Channel, Net TV, Femina, Dewi, Forbes Indonesia, Her World, Esquire, Kompas, Media Indonesia, Republika, The Jakarta Post, More Indonesia, Harpers Bazaar, Sedap Alami, The Huffington Post, Flow Magazine Netherland, The Guardian UK and many more. The company also gains supports from Swiss Import Promotion Program (SIPPO) and Import Promotion Desk (IPD) as an SME with strong export potential to Europe.

Foodies Magazine

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Forbes Indonesia Magazine


Sehat Alami Magazine

Okt 2013 Hal 88

Sedap Magazine

Hal 34

Her World Magazine

Media Coverage  Her World_Magazine

Femina Magazine

Femina  156 Page

SWA Magazine

Copy of SWA  April 2015  Page 120

Jakarta Post Newspaper


Kompas Newspaper

Kompas Newspaper 30 May 2014  Javara

Boutique Gianni Newspaper

Boutique Gianni Newspaper  Juni 2014

Republika Newspaper


My Biz Russian

My Biz Ru 01

Goodie Bake


Goodie Bake

Goodie Bake003

Guardian UK

Copy of 19. Beyond organic promoting Indonesia’s indigenous farming cultures 01

TupperwareSheCAN - Helianti Hilman, Demi Hidup Petani yang Sejahtera (1)

TupperwareSheCAN - Helianti Hilman, Demi Hidup Petani yang Sejahtera (2)

KJRI Los Angeles - Authentic Indonesia: Food Demo and Workshop, 16 Januari 2015

The Indonesia Channel - Javara

Kabari News - Authentic Indonesia Food Demo and Workshop

Bloomberg Indonesia - Made in Indonesia

Fakultas Ekonomika dan Bisnis UGM - CEO Talk The Walk: Helianti Hilman, CEO & Founder Javara Indonesia

747 Produk - Big Bang Show eps Para Pedagang Adil

85% untuk Ekspor - Big Bang Show eps Para Pedagang Adil